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Porn Addiction

PORN ADDICTION: Like any addiction the strong and uncomfortable emotions that drive the addiction are extremely difficult to deal with focusing on the benefits of beating the addiction and developing more socialisation are key components of recovery. Dealing with the underlying issues that lead to addiction, are an essential part of any treatment programme.

Grief & Loss

GRIEF AND LOSS: Facing into grief and loss is often a very difficult experience it can involve many mixed emotions, anger, remorse, guilt, denial and unbearable sadness and ongoing emotional pain. We often lose our motivation at these times and feel unable to tolerate the pain or have difficulty functioning day to day. The healing process is often a process that zigzags about in our experience, over time, the good days get more frequent and the bad days less frequent. Counselling can help in both understanding what one is experiencing and in managing day to day.


TRANSITIONS: Life is full of transitions be they developmental or caused by life variances, basically the old ways of being seem not to work for us anymore and we have yet to find our new way of being. We face into the unknown which for most of us is a fearful place. Accepting that which is unfolding and opening to the new possibilities make for some ease and emotional relief at these times


RELATIONSHIPS:  Life is very much about our relationship with our self and how this interplays in our relationships with others. As individuals we see our world in a way that works for us and for our needs when this is conflict with another especially when we are in close and intimate relationship with them it can be very distressing.  Relationship counselling is about finding ways to work through the individual and relationship issues in a way that validates each party and is accepting of individuality. The key is the willingness of both parties in the relationship being willing to do the work necessary to do this.


ANGER:  Anger is a natural and useful emotion giving us information about our experience. In itself it serves us well. However if it causes us to behave in unacceptable ways which puts ourselves or others safety at risk this is not okay.  Anger management is about taking responsibility for becoming more aware of being able to recognise our experience in order to make choices that enhance our lives and our relationships rather than using our anger in destructive ways.


Counselling is more than looking at the issues impacting on our life, it is also about what is emerging, our growing into our potential. As our awareness grows and we become more open to fully process our mental, physical and emotional experience we free ourselves from the constructs of our past and open more to becoming more fully who we are. It is about enhancing our relationship with ourselves and thus our relationships with others.